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Member 11th Aug, 2015 01:46
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I've been using PSI for years and recently upgraded to an all 64-bit machine running Win 8.1.

I still have my original 2011 copy of PSISetup.exe.

Does anyone see any problems with me installing and running on my new machine?

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Member 11th Aug, 2015 06:24
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Never mind. This place has obviously changed since the last time I was here.

Most of the posts are never answered and all are locked a few hours after they are published.

I won't be installing PSI any longer.

PC/Android 4 Life
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Maurice Joyce RE: PSI
Handling Contributor 11th Aug, 2015 09:00
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Version 2 is supported by Secunia for Windows 8.1 64Bit.

I do not use PSI on a regular basis but I mainly install version onto Windows 8.1 64Bit if I need to check something to help a Forum member. It works the same as any other version of PSI and many would argue it is the "best of the bunch" offered by Secunia.

I would select that version if I went back to using PSI on a regular basis.

Hope this helps.

EDIT. You are correct - the Secunia staff have lost interest in PSI and Forum members - it does not earn money that they need to survive.
It is now totally left to volunteer helpers to assist if and when they can. Post auto lock after 7 days of no activity - this has always been a feature of the Forum.

The Forum website was recently crippled by Secunia tinkering which has not helped - it is still not fully fixed but is just about useable. A recent email I sent remains unanswered. All very unprofessional but that is Secunia hence I do not use their wares on a regular basis.


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