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pw2much New Update not working
Member 20th Aug, 2015 20:52
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I just updated my Secunia PSI to the newest version and the preparing scan just never gets pass that point in the scan. Is there something wrong with this version or is there something missing from the program that is preventing it from completing the proper function. Please HELP!!! I really rely on your software to keep my system up to date! I have been using your program for sometime now and it has worked perfectly until this new version: there is a fix for this problem please post it or install it as you will have some very disappointing customers who will look elsewhere for another product of this type. Thank You for your fast response of this issue.

Maurice Joyce RE: New Update not working
Handling Contributor 21st Aug, 2015 10:32
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Not sure where you installed your version of PSI from but it is not the latest version as can be seen here:

That said, there have been many instances of users reporting errors with version 3 which have not improved despite the odd update.

You have not mentioned which OS you are using. Secunia have not yet announced that they are supporting Windows 10 so you should expect the unexpected if using that OS.

If you cannot get the latest version to work my advice would be to roll back to version 2.

Secunia Support are unlikely to respond on this Forum. If you want more help I suggest you click the Contact Secunia button at the bottom of this thread and hope that someone at Secunia will assist you.


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