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peterrrr updates
Member 29th Sep, 2015 16:25
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Secunia PSI reports that the language od Adobe Reader be attended to. I opened it and manually re-selected English. Also MS Word, Excel and 2-3 other features need manual or updating by clicking. I click but nothing happens. I have used PSI for years and never seen this behavior. Also, I have rebooted and re-scanned to no avail.
This is the current version of PSI.
What should I do about this?

Maurice Joyce RE: updates
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Can you explain this a bit more please? PSI should only be showing you that Microsoft assets are Patched or vulnerable or End of Life. If you want to publish screenshots this may help:


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peterrrr RE: updates
Member 1st Oct, 2015 16:34
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The isue has long since been resolved. The next day all of sudden Secunia jumped and indicated all was solved.
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