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garcpr1 Scan Hangs Up Indefinitely
Member 23rd Oct, 2015 23:03
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I have the same problem as fixmypcmike three weeks ago. He got no

The program "begins" a scan and the progress bar goes to about 4 % and never goes any farther.

I am running Win 7 on a Dell Inspiron 11Z-1121 Notebook. I have reinstalled the Secunia program to no avail. I've run a full virus scan.

How do I get Secunia to do a scan and display the results?

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puget1 RE: Scan Hangs Up Indefinitely
Member 24th Oct, 2015 07:11
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First things first although simple, re verify that psi is being allowed through your firewall and that you have allowed it through your "internet option" security tab as an allowed program. Remember to allow it with https:secunia .com

Windows 10 64bit

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Maurice Joyce RE: Scan Hangs Up Indefinitely
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Have you checked the FAQ and verified all your settings are correct in particular this?

The FAQ also give the proper designation to put in your browser trusted sites which is not https:secunia .com as advised by puget1 but https://*

If it still does not work having checked everything against the FAQ try closing PSI from the task tray using a right click. Once complete try to restart the programme via Start>All Programs .....

If that fails try using another version of PSI. The download links are here:

Just activate the installer of the version you want. It will auto uninstall the old version before installing the new.


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garcpr1 RE: Scan Hangs Up Indefinitely
Member 24th Oct, 2015 18:56
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The FAQ items you listed didn't help. However, per your suggestion, I switched to Secunia PSI 2, and that runs OK.

Thanks very much,
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