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This user no longer exists [Official Thread] Secunia PSI Load Problem, Updated
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Hi Everyone,

As many of you have noticed, we have had some issues with the PSI functionality since October last year. We have posted a few times on the forums regarding this, but as we are still contacted a lot about this issue we thought we would give you an update.
Since our last post we got a lot of mails from users, who provided detailed information about their systems and their PSI logs. We thank you very much for this.

But even with all this information, we are simply unable to recreate the issue. The information given to us does not seem to show any patterns with the occurring of the issue and we have not been lucky enough, to one of our systems getting it. We will continue to try the recreation and as soon as we succeed with this, I am sure we will take a big step towards solving it.
Meanwhile, some users have sent us different solutions, which also seem to be working randomly. We are always interested in these, and will keep this post updated if we/you find any new (and hopefully more permanent) ones.

What we have at this point is:
The first thing we advise you to do is going through the steps under The Secunia PSI will not load the interface or will not complete scanning. What can I do? in the FAQ, which can be found here:
Another solution, the most successful one as of yet, was posted by the user ElGato on the forums back in October:
The solution was to stop the Secunia PSI agent service in the task manager and change the service login from the local service to a login with your username and start it up again

Here is a more detailed explanation on how to do this:
Open the task manager and go to the Services tab. Click the Services button in the bottom right corner. This requires the administrator login to open (if you are on a user with admin rights, it will just open). Find the service called Secunia PSI Agent and mark it. Stop the service, right click it and select properties. Go to the Log On tab. Now you need to mark This account instead of Local system account. Enter you windows username and password and click OK.

Now start the service again. The PSI should now start scanning in the next few minutes. If it doesn't, try restarting your computer and do the scan again.
Again, we appreciate your patience and cooperation in solving this issue. We will of course make a post, when we find a permanent solution and meanwhile we will keep this post updated with other solutions.

Also check your antivirus software and make sure the Secunia PSI is not blocked.

Best Regards,
The Secunia PSI Support Team

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