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mtodorov Problems with "Secure Browsing" tab on PSI
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Hi all,

I wondered about NPAPI plugin being listed as vulnerability vector for Chrome browser 47.0.2526.73 under "Secure Browsing" tab, when I seem to have read that Google abandons NPAPI interface in favor of "Pepper" version?


Thanks for any idea,

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Anthony Wells RE: Problems with "Secure Browsing" tab on PSI
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HI mt ,

Just attempted a long detailed reply which incinerated itself rather than posting .

In Summary then :-

Chrome no longer uses NPAPI plug-ins . See your "Settings" -> etc. (only PPAPI Flash) enabled . PSI does not display "embedded" PPAPI anywhere .

PSI reads metadata but cannot differentieta between enabled or not .

"SB" reads all Flash files - click the display line - except PPAPI .

This is a display "bug" of the historical situation . Secunia will not fix any PSI 2.x bugs hence the different displays of your and my 2.0.0 3003 .

Take care



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