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Apple QuickTime 7.x

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bb_aes Latest version installed?
Member 6th Aug, 2016 16:12
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According to Secunia I have Quicktime ver. and states it is "end of life". When I click on the install solution link I get a page saying it is a bad link at Apple. If I run Quicktime and check for updates it says I have the current version (7.79). Why am I getting this error from Secunia and how do I correct it?

Maurice Joyce RE: Latest version installed?
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Flexera are correct - Apple Quicktime is no-longer supported on any Windows platform therefore by default is End of Life.

This article from Apple refers:

It may not currently be vulnerable but users will never know for certain because Apple will not report on or fix any flaws and PSI will not notify you because they do not track obsolete applications.

Only a user can make a decision on what action to take but this article offers sound advice and includes information that the application may now be vulnerable.


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bb_aes RE: Latest version installed?
Member 6th Aug, 2016 20:04
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Thank you Maurice for the information and the links. I was thinking Quicktime was needed for some apps, but sounds like other media players have taken over it's functions. I will remove this last version I have and see if any applications miss it in the future - and if so look for alternatives. Thank you for resolving my problem/question!
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