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MikeyD RE: Node.js V8 "Zone::New()" Vulnerability
Member 8th Sep, 2016 23:21
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On my system this vulnerability is showing up in two files provided by Nvidia, as identified below, and the solution offered in the PSI does NOT solve the vulnerability. I think the that NVIDIA will have to update their software, because I fail to see where at the Node.js web site there is any link to update the "NVIDIA Web Helper .exe" file.

C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\GeForce Experience\Update\nodejs\NVIDIA Web Helper.exe, version
C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\NvNode\NVIDIA Web Helper.exe, version

Secunia maybe you should let NVIDIA know they have a problem?
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Maurice Joyce RE: Node.js V8 "Zone::New()" Vulnerability
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A CVE has been created so Nvidia will know about it - all indications point to the fact that it was affecting Google Chrome therefore it could be a false positive in all other cases. When this Forum was support by the vendors staff they would have investigated and adjusted the database if necessary.

Sadly those days are long gone - If you want reassurance that you are not affected you should contact Nvidia Support giving them details of the Flexera PSI findings.


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WarningU2 RE: Node.js V8 "Zone::New()" Vulnerability
Member 25th Sep, 2016 15:43
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The actual version is now 4.5.0 not 4.4.6 as recommended. For some reason although I have the latest version Secunia keeps saying its not updated.

I scan again and then it says its fine.

Something buggy about this particular program and Secunia.
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