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Nikilet Old embedded version of 7-zip
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I posted 23rd Aug, 2016 23:44 that psi was showing two different versions of 7-zip and showing one as out of date. I was apparently linked to a program called Softmaker Office which I installed. You answered that I should notify the vendor that this was embedded in the download. You even suggested that I uninstall Softmaker and find a suitable replacement. I did notify Softmaker and they said "This 7-Zip is only necessary for the installation of SoftMaker Office. It has been updated in the setup file and will be released with the next setup."

I have now installed this new update they spoke of and the problem still remains so I went back to their forum. This time I was told by someone else, "It is part of the full install ( and not replaced by the service pack installer because it is not needed after the install in any way. If it bothers you, just delete it."

What is the proper way to delete this?

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