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brendabcog76 Adobe Flash Player 24 update for IE
Member 21st Jan, 2017 21:58
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Secunia indicates program as insecure & does nothing when clicking "Install Solution".

I went to vender product page and updated program for Firefox, the browser I use, but update for IE doesn't give user friendly option...says it upgrades automatically for Windows 10 and Internet Explorer (IE).

So I disable Adobe Flash Player under IE Advanced Settings button.
Path C:/Windows/SysWOW64/Macromed/Flash/Flash.ocx

Still shows program as insecure after Re-Scan. Please Advise.


henry8th RE: Adobe Flash Player 24 update for IE
Member 22nd Jan, 2017 05:24
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I've been using Secunia PSI version 2 for years and have had many unsuccessful attempts trying to select install updates from Secunia,as you have just recently found out. Now I exclusively go to the vendors websites for updates,less headaches. You are correct that the Firefox browser flash player plugin has to be updated manually. In regard to Microsoft's Edge Browser and I assume the IE browser, Adobe Flash Player can only be updated by Microsoft through Windows updates. There was an update through Windows Updates (KB3214628)for Adobe Flash Player around Jan. 11,2017. If you install your updates from Microsoft including the one for Flash, your Adobe Flash Player for IE Browser should also be updated and the Secunia scan thereafter should show Flash Player as secure. If this doesn't solve your issue please post back and I'm sure myself, if I can, or others would be glad to help you.

Mister P
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