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CraigS26 25% CPU Unusual - No Scan
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I noticed via Process Explorer that [ PSI.exe ] was using 25% CPU (i5 8G RAM system) and have NEVER seen that before. A Scan was Not running.

Normally it's very light and at the time I was having computer issues and it's easy to over-react at such an unusual occurrence.

Today it's back to normal but I wonder what caused such a high use when my computer issues were occurring simultaneously?

Has been perfect since my PSI 3 install awhile back other than this one glitch.

Win 7-64 Hm Prem - i5 8G - FF / IE 11 - ESET ESS - MBAM Prem 3 - SuperAS Pro - Macrium Reflect - DK Pro '15 - PSI 3 - EPIM MAIL - No Flash or Java

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