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Oracle Java JRE 1.6.x / 6.x

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ashwinipn Java CAT 4 threat
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On 26 March, 2009, the 13th update of JRE 1.6.x/6.x release prompted Secunia PSI to pop the warning to remind me of applying solution (update). I tried updating through clicking onto "solution" within Secunia window as well as downloading from Sun's website, without success. I could download the .exe file from both the places, but execution stops in a couple of seconds and nothing happens. On Sun website.... when I check the version, it say that I have update 11 and need updating... I don't understand why it is not updating? Secondly, today, I saw another warning, this time for JRE 1.5.x/5.x and it does not do anything. Any help would be appreciated.

wr RE: Java CAT 4 threat
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myersanna RE: Java CAT 4 threat
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I tried the javara download and while it claimed to have deleted all old files, it did not. So, I used the tech folder in Secunia for the path where these threats were located and then did a search for each of them on the C drive. After considerable time, I finally got rid of all of the "insecure" and "end of life" issues.
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