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vinothsankar15 Reinstall Secunia Update package?
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Hello Team,

I created a secunia update package for Adobe flash player latest version

1. Able to install the package through WSUS(SCCM) without any issues
2. Due to some issues i downgrade the adobe flash player version to older version.
3. The issue was fixed now when i add the device to secunia package collection the device is not getting the Adobe flash player latest version through WSUS.

When i checked in SCCM status it shows as already installed.
In logs, i see wsus still see the latest secunia adobe flash player is installed.

When I edit the secunia update package for adobe flash player and publish in wsus. It installs fine
Reason could be because once I edit and publish , the package gets new GUID.

How do I reinstall the same secunia update package on the same machine?


RE: Reinstall Secunia Update package?
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