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Nils-Karl Westlie XPXP
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Its not possible to load down new updates from Secunia! Why?

puget1 RE: XPXP
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The following is from this forum:
Forum Thread: PSISetup.exe is not a valid Win32 application For your particular problem there is a solution from secunia here:

Left Coast Bernard
RE: PSISetup.exe is not a valid Win32 application

by Left Coast Bernard on 25th Mar, 2009 03:42, last edited on 25th Mar, 2009 03:42
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Location: Encinitas near San Diego, US Dear correspondents,

I went to the Secunia FAQ page that Maurice recommended, and I followed the instructions there, which I have pasted below with some corrections added in bold italics. The instructions were not entirely correct.

Here are the instructions:

I'm trying to install the Secunia PSI, but I get the error that the PSI.EXE file is "not a valid Win32 application". What does that mean?
This error can occur if the PSI.EXE file has been corrupted or damaged in the download process. To remedy this, please perform the following:

The file that was downloaded has the name PSIsetup.exe. Not PSI.EXE

Delete all copies of PSI.EXE on your computer.
Open Windows Explorer.
Go to Tools>Folder Options (in Windows XP) or Organize>Folder and Search options (in Windows Vista).
In the View tab, select "Show hidden files and folders" and select OK.
In the Windows Explorer address, go to "C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings" (in Windows XP) or "C:\Users\\AppData\Local Settings" (in Windows Vista).

The correct path for me, and the meaning of the \\, is here:
"C:\Documents and Settings\bleikind\Local Settings"

Delete the Temp subfolder.
Restart your computer.
Try to download the PSI.EXE file again.

This is the end of the instructions.

Of course, you will be downloading PSISetup.exe.

I note that in my earlier attempts to download this file, I worked in IE 8. All of those yielded the "not a valid Win32 application" error message. This time I happened to download that file using Chrome 2.0 Beta. This file executed correctly.

After following the instructions, and with the Chrome download, the new file executed correctly. It uninstalled my existing SCI and installed the new version. This version seems to be running correctly. At least it has gone off for a long time, working hard, and I hope that it is re-scanning my machine.

I'm going to declare this issue at an end, so long as nothing funny happens overnight.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

Windows 10 64bit

There is No magic bullet in computing; only work a rounds.

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