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Diderot Secunia versus mbsa
Member 6th Apr, 2009 11:22
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Checking with Secunia results in 0 unsafe programs, checking with mbsa
recommends a lot of updates. What shall i do ?


Leendert Kip Secunia versus mbsa
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I have checked about MBSA. Microsoft announced v. 2.1 explicitly for
IT-professionals. Because I am happy with Secunia, I don't take the risk to install a product specific for profs. Maybe some usefull comment
follows in this forum from people with more experience. Wait and see!

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Maurice Joyce RE: Secunia versus mbsa
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MBSA carries out an audit of all things Microsoft installed on your PC.
1. Checks Windows Admin Vulnerabilities
2. Checks weak passwords
3. Checks IIS
4. Checks SQL
5. Checks security updates.

For example, Microsoft consider it insecure not to have Windows auto updating switched on.
They comment if the Windows firewall installed in SP2 is off.

Many of the results do not apply to home users but it can be a handy just to check the Windows set up. The key issue is interpretation of the results hence for use by IT professionals.

A good example of the difference between MBSA & Secunia is:
MBSA might issue a security warning if Net Framework 3 is not installed which is an optional download. Secunia will not report on it because it is not installed on your PC.

Do U need Net Framework 3? That is where IT knowledge is required if U want to keep your PC lean,functional & fast.

On that basis, I would doubt very much that U can find a programme update on MBSA that is not covered by Secunia.

Secunia PSI checks any programme U have installed on your PC PROVIDED it is mapped in their extensive database and is designed for home users.


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