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This user no longer exists Forum login impossible ?
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The forum is giving me a nightmare.
When I click the Log In link, it gives me the "Register new user" page (with fields for username, email, name, 2x password).

It seems the only way to get access to the forum is to start PSI and the there click the forum link.

Can anyone check this ?


Alan_Baxter RE: Forum login impossible ?
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Hi, David. It works for me. Make sure you're not clicking the Customer Login button at the top of the page. Log in from the forum page at You can get there by clicking the Community button from a Secunia page or the link I think you've been clicking in PSI. From the forum page, click Secunia Profile. For me, if I'm not logged in already, that page has two sections: a Login section at the top for entering my Username or Password, and a New user? section at the bottom. I never have any trouble logging in from there.

Hope this helps. Please let us know whether it does.
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