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Holly Is Secunia PSI a Resource Hog?
Member 23rd May, 2009 22:18
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My PC guru says that Secunia PSI is a Resource Hog and I should uninstall it from my PC because it is slowing it down. If I do uninstall it, I will use Secunia OSI instead. Does anyone have experience with this issue? Is there a way that I can adjust Secunia PSI settings to speed things up?

I am using Windows XP V2002 SP3, my primary browser is Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10, AMD Athlon(tm) 1500+ 1.35 GHz, 512 MB RAM.

Maurice Joyce RE: Is Secunia PSI a Resource Hog?
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With your CPU & amount of RAM U are using there could be an issue. This could be made worse if U are using an integated graphics card which uses part of your limited RAM.

That said, it is not a good idea to uninstall PSI - U will lose the ability to check for insecurities.

OSI only searches for a fraction of the programmes available to PSI so once again U lose out.

Why not go to settings and remove ALL the ticks (check marks)from the boxes?

All U need to do then is remember to run a weekly? manual scan.


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This user no longer exists RE: Is Secunia PSI a Resource Hog?
Member 24th May, 2009 20:33
Do youself a favor and add at least 256MB RAM or even 512MB RAM as RAM is the best and cheapest way to improve system performance.

Go to and they have a small utility that you download that will show you the RAM upgrade path.

You don't have to buy the RAM from them but a local PC store could upgrade the system very easily if you took the system unit to them and asked for the RAM upgrade and they will make sure the RAM works OK as well.
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