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TheBlackLion Scan USB stick (removable device)
Member 31st May, 2009 21:48
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is there any way to make PSI also scan USB sticks? My programs installed on an USB stick (it is a system without hard disks) but I would really like to use Secunia PSI to keep the software up to date.

I know about software to make an USB stick look like a fixed disk to Windows XP, but I would prefer a parameter or registry entry for PSI to do the trick.

Thanks & kr

This user no longer exists RE: Scan USB stick (removable device)
Secunia Official 2nd Jun, 2009 10:22

The PSI will only scan fixed drives, so you will have to make Windows see the USB key as a fixed driver rather than a removable drive.

Using software to do this might be the easiest way.

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Morten Hansen
Secunia PSI Support

Secunia PSI
F_BIG RE: Scan USB stick (removable device)
Member 5th Jun, 2009 07:01
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As I dis-remember here, seems to me that there is a single bit change per USB stick to make it look like a fixed disk. Simple .reg job to toggle it on or off, as I seem to remember. You gain and lose on the change.
Upside, another "internal mounted drive". should scan in Secunia, most AV's, most Desktop searches. Downside, .reg hassle to swap out.
Another downside with the change is: Recycle Bin, System Restore point hidden directories, and NO SURPRISE REMOVALS (well you can, but Bad Things Happen).
I'd also speculate there might be problems with U3, Ringcube's Mojo Drive, NTI's Ninja Drive, maybe TrueCrypt might have some issues too.
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