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vcomunale Dead End Road!
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Secuna just informed me that both my IE8 and Windows XP had category 3 worst case security risk problems. I clicked on both Solutions which led me to Microsoft updates. Except for Windows Live Essentials I already had all the updates. While I appreciated being informed of the threats I don't have a clue as to what the solution really is?

Thanx, Vince

Anthony Wells RE: Dead End Road!
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If you download and use PSI , Secunia provide a lot more information.
In my words , 100% security doesn't exist when you surf the web - how risky depends on your browsing habits and the software with which you surround yourself and whether you apply the latest "security" patches. Entirely my personal opinion but I consider Firefox to be less "risky" and probably "safer" than Internet Explorer ; even so I run my Browser in a sandbox.


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