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Dougefresh Secunia PSI should update itself
Member 30th Jun, 2009 12:49
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Why does Secunia PSI update every other program but itself? (Yes, I know, PSI will update some programs and provide links to the ones it cannot update on its own, but the initial statement would be bulky and unwieldy if made technically correct.) It seems silly and illogical to have an updater program that will not update itself. Just my 2 cents.

wr RE: Secunia PSI should update itself
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& here's my 2 cents worth. If you look closely, you will see that Secunia PSI isn't an updater service, it doesn't update anything. It reports on insecurities & offers options to the user to select which to use. If you want an updater service check out it won't change any programs either-you are given that opportunity. I personally don't want another "phone home" program that makes changes unknown to me in the background. I paid for my computer, OS, etc. so if any changes are made, I prefer to make them-after all that's how the "bad guys" operate to gain control of your computer-unseen, behind your back. The PSI if used in the Advance mode will be very helpful in keeping your computer safe & secure. No, it will not inform of new updates, cosmetic changes, or bug fixes, but it will warn of insecurities & offer options to you to apply.

That's my take on the Secunia PSI program, I hope you enjoy using it to keep your system healthy & safe. My hat's off to the Development Team @ Secunia for the FREE program. If you have any problems with patching some of your programs, post here on the Forum, I'm sure someone will be glad to help you.

Regards, wr

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