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Lassie Lamb Chop Sun Java JRE 1.5x/5.x
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XP Home SP3 and I have donwloaded javara to get rid of old versions - thought I had as always did uninstall old before installing new as this has always been a problem with java.

Javara reported clearing out huge amounts of Java left behind but on re-scanning still this is stated as being insecure.

I have looked into programs files and opened all hidden files and cant find anything like this.

Path is C:\i386\Java.exe
Only things showing up are

Java (TM) 2 Platform Standard Edition Binary version


J2SE Runtime environment 5.0 update 6.

I have downloaded the latest version update 14 and should only have that on my computer so maybe should I delete the above two? Actually one must be for 6 update 14 as no other on here.

After doing all this I rescanned it and still insecure so have put this one into ignore rule to get rid of it nagging for now.

Not the only nag - after clean reprts for many months seems this new version has found lots of problems. See other threads.

I run XP home SP3 Intel Pentium dual CPU E2160 @1.8hz 1GB RAM
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Maurice Joyce RE: Sun Java JRE 1.5x/5.x
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There is no exposure from the i386 folder. It is backup & that is why JAVARA did not find it.

Just create an ignore rule - U will be perfectly safe.


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This user no longer exists RE: Sun Java JRE 1.5x/5.x
Member 8th Jul, 2009 14:54
Rather than create an Ignore rule just delete the vulnerable file as it is not needed.
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