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talcenty Is the PSI Version info correct
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Hi guys

need help as this has been bugging me and wonder how PSI overcomes the issue?

1. PSI point to RealPlayer v11.0.0.674 as been unsafe.
So looked around real site and see there is a update
they class that as v11.1.3 so immediately there is a difference in coding.

2. I download the upgrade and install hoping there may be an improvement
in its security - per chance. Only thing is the v11.0.0.674 is still showing in PSI after re-scanning. umm ......

3. I launch the software and yes it has been upgraded it show v11.1.3
build umm..... ummm.......

4. I check the properties of Realplay.exe in the Real/Realplayer folder
todays date is the modified date - not surprising. But Version info shows the same as PSI v11.0.0.674 (date created 23/12/2008). (Thing that caught my eye was that the copyright in the file properties was 1995-2007 and not 2009 as shown within the application.)

BUT ... here's the crunch

.... LAUNCHING Real directly from the file gives me the v11.1.3 build

ummm.... ummm....... ummm...

5. I noticed earlier in the posting by hovhow
"2 unsafe programs... (?)"

he reported a similar problem.
Doing a clean install solved the version problem but its a bit of a pain
if we have to do that.


a) Is there a way of forcing the "properties" info for the file to change (I assume it is an oversight on Real's part or a Win issue on
some upgrades)?

b) Does PSI recognise the real version when it scans the files?

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Slamgeden RE: Is the PSI Version info correct
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It's true that RealPlayer doesn't properly update. if you want to be sure, do a fresh install.

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