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Mozilla Firefox 3.5.x

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bywhatnow insecure program
Member 29th Jul, 2009 22:23
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The scan showed that my Mozilla FireFox 3.5.1 was in need of a patch. I have gone to their site four (4) times and downloaded and installed the "latest" Firefox (3.5.1) I have also opened my Firefox and checked for updates. After all this I still get an unpatched message about Firefox. Is this a glitch or is Firefox still unpatched even after the update?

wr RE: insecure program
Contributor 30th Jul, 2009 01:29
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No patch yet from FF:

HP Pavilion Slimline s3020n
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Firefox 31.4.0 ESR
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bjm__ RE: insecure program
Member 30th Jul, 2009 07:22
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To: bywhatnow,

FF 3.5.1 still has a known unpatched security the link offered by wr.
FF is as patched as it can be and your still vulnerable.
Secunia can't fix FF.
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URL bar spoofing vulnerability

07.28.09 - 03:40pm


The URL in the address bar can be spoofed when a new window or tab is opened by a malicious web page.

Impact to users

If a user visits a page hosting this malicious code, a new window or tab can be opened with a faked URL. There is no way of determining if the URL is authentic. This could result in the user disclosing confidential information to the malicious site, known as a phishing attack.


This vulnerability is known to affect all current versions of Firefox. Mozilla is actively working on fixing this vulnerability. Users can mitigate this vulnerability by only sharing confidential information with websites that were opened from a bookmark, a trusted source, or by manually opening a new tab or window and entering a URL.
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