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jackwillis Ability to delete or ignore an entry
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I RIAD my C: drive and then clone it to a RAID E:. They are cloned on almost a daily basis. The problem with Secunia is that it searches both C: and E: finds two copies of the same vulnerability and then locks up my system (100% CPU) if I try to correct it. It would be an improvement if I could know which listing of the vulnerability was C: and which E: and then mark the E: item as "ignore" or "delete." Then, since I am booted on C:, I can fix the one copy and it will clone-fix the other copy without locking up my system.

Jack Willis

Maurice Joyce RE: Ability to delete or ignore an entry
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I hope I am reading your post correctly.
By default PSI scans all hard drives regardless.

If your problem of CPU usage only occurs during corrective action of displaying identical problems on different drives you can create an ignore rule for drive E & it will only present U with insecurities on drive C.

Will that help?

Creating an IGNORE RULE

Click on the SETTINGS tab>scroll to the bottom & click on CREATE IGNORE RULE

In the RULE NAME BOX insert something like MY BACKUP DRIVE

In the RULE BOX type E:\


The drive will continue to be scanned by default but the result will not be published.


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