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zzmel Still having problem with Adobe Reader 9.x
Member 4th Aug, 2009 20:56
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About two weeks ago, I had 4 problems with Adobe Flash, Reader, Active x, and Java. I asked for help and the person who helped me got rid of all of these threats. From that time on until yesterday, everything was 100% clear. Today when I booted up, there again there were 5 problems with Adobe and I was able to get rid of 4 but I am unable to fix Adobe Reader 9.x. I even scanned the forum and the information I got did not help. Now I know that Adobe Reader is required for PDF files and I know that the flash is required for videos. I really need both but it seems that even when you uninstall the program both using the add/remove programs that windows provide and the uninstaller for Adobe nothing cleared up. Still, when I do a scan, the same threat is prevalent. If there is a problem on their end, why can't they fix these with patches? What I think is Adobe wants you to buy their paid version which probably have these fixes. This is very surprising to me as you would think that these problems would be fixed as they are needed. When I opened the Adobe Reader, I checked which version I have and it is 9.1.3. Then I clicked on update and there was an update but a language version. I updated anyway. Still the program is insecure.

Here is the error I receive:
Technical details

Technical details about this installation of Adobe Reader 9.x, you can use this information to determine why the Secunia PSI detected the program and the security state of it.

Version Detected:

Installation Path:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe

Last Inspection of Program:
4th Aug. 2009, 20:43 CET

This poses a critical threat according to the reference page on your site. I removed the program completely and now all is secure. Now when I need to download and reinstall, wouldn't the same problem happen? So what is the real solution? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much.

Mel T.

Anthony Wells RE: Still having problem with Adobe Reader 9.x
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This thread answers most of your questions , although there is seems to be an ongoing problem of PSI & Adobe correlating their response for the moment :-


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