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krw PSI Insecure Programs and Secure Browsing
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With the current patches available for Adobe, and Java, PSI should show all programs patched and doesn't. Completely removing PSI and reinstalling corrected the above issues. My Secunia System Score returned to 100% and i noticed Adobe 9 shows as patched with the version number of which, is the current "authplay.dll" rather than the main executable which is

Secunia's data base update pointing to the correct authplay.dll version is a bit late as far as i am concerned. Additionally, the same goes for Java as prior to uninstalling JRE 6 U14, and installing JRE6 U15, PSI insisted 6 U15 was insecure. Perhaps the reinsatll of PSI was unecessary and Secunia just decided to correct its database at the same time. Eitherway, a critical function program or service cannot be "matter of fact" when the accuracy of the information it provides is crucial to its purpose!

So now IE 8 is the only issue requiring a patch with a minor CAT2 Security Threat on the "Secure Browsing" tab. There is an interesting read which i posted the other day as well here.

I am posting this under 3RD Party Programs because of the activity here in the last week or so regarding the three programs mentioned above. If i can save anyone some time and aggravation thats ok with me...

Anthony Wells RE: PSI Insecure Programs and Secure Browsing
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Me too for Adobe Reader v9 .

Sun Java JRE 1.6x/6.x shows patched in "secure browsing" tab , but I have not yet "updated/bug fixed" from u14 , so there is still work in progress .

IE unchanged


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