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Swede Secunia PSI Security Certificate
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The error says I must close PSI. How do I fix?

wr RE: Secunia PSI Security Certificate
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If you're having trouble getting Secunia to connect try this:

The following steps are the latest version I know of to ensure connectivity to Secunias servers:

Secunia PSI needs to be able to connect to Secunia servers to complete its scanning. However, if you have configured
the security settings of your Internet Explorer, the Secunia PSI may be prevented from getting the scan results. To receive
your scan results, you need to do some changes to your Internet options.
To do this:
a. Open Internet Explorer.
b. Go to Tools>Internet Options>Security tab.
c. Select the Internet zone and click on the Custom Level button.
d. In Security Settings, go to the Scripting>Active Scripting option.
e. Make sure that Active Scripting is Enabled (rather than Disabled or Prompted).
f. Press OK then Yes.
g. Back in the Security tab, select the Trusted sites zone and click on the Sites button.
h. Look at the bottom of the page and take the tick from the box marked"Require server verification(HTTPS)for all site zones" then type in the following and press the Add button to add them to the Trusted Zone Sites list:
i. Press Close
j. Run the Secunia PSI again to view the scan results

If using a browser other than IE the settings can be accessed by clicking Start-Control Panel-Internet Options-then follow c thru j

I know the directions start by saying for scanning but I believe these directions are valid to insure connectivity to the Secunia servers.

Regards, wr

EDIT: Also as a double check, do you have the latest version of the PSI? Latest version is an earlier version is being used, that may be the problem.

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