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ohlilymylove PSI error says update 9.x when I have 10
Member 26th Aug, 2009 11:46
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My PSI scan results in an update required for Adobe Flash Player 9.x (ActiveX control) when in the 'add and remove programs' it clearly shows I have version 10 loaded!

Am I missing something here?

eSKzHvZreJxktYLUd4jN1oy... RE: PSI error says update 9.x when I have 10
Member 26th Aug, 2009 12:39
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I just did some quick calculation and there are now more than 2000 threads about Adobe Flash Player. I suggest you see the solution in those threads.
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Maurice Joyce RE: PSI error says update 9.x when I have 10
Handling Contributor 26th Aug, 2009 21:59
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I take it U are a new member & what @HBR says in the previous post is very relevant. There are now many good solutions on this Forum to a mulitute of problems. It is just a matter of searching for the one that suits U. That said, here is the solution for Flash.

To remove all versions of Flash from the C drive of your PC:

1. Download & use the flash Uninstaller from here:

#####Before actually running the uninstaller it is a good idea to close all browsers,PSI and any other programme U think may be using Flash #####

2. Reboot to clear out any left over ocx files.

3. Rescan using PSI - if there are any insecure Flash elements left what is the path to them? U should not proceed to stage 4 until all U clear any problems found.(The PSI overview page may look a little odd because it uses Flash for the pictorials)

Note: At this stage,if PSI finds any elements of Flash in the C:\i386 folder or on any drive other than C that is an OEM reinstallation partition (normally D drive) or a drive U use solely to backup your work U can safely create an ignore rule.

4. Reinstall the latest Internet Explorer Flash Player from here:

4A.If U are also using Firefox, Opera and other Gecko-based browsers U need this link as well:

5. Go to add/remove & double check Adobe have not installed the useless Adobe Download Manager - if U see an entry remove it.


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BTINAZ RE: PSI error says update 9.x when I have 10
Member 11th Sep, 2009 01:24
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I apologize for the digression, but I couldn't find the topic I need.
I have the most recent version of Flash installed, and the scan did not indicate otherwise; but it said it could not display my progress chart because I didn't have the latest version installed...
'Tis a conundrum...
My PC crashed last week and the shop removed the registry errors and malware only. It worked fine until then. Today is my first day back online and I patched the three items found (other than IE8 for-which there is no fix...).
Your guidance would be most appreciated.

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