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2edwardwb Patching
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Fixed all other problems I had.Thanks to You Guys& Dolls I have only one
more problem.I can not fix Microsoft Office PP viewer 2003 need Help.
If at all posible E-mail Me,because i neer could get the hang of readina a forum Post Thank you

thedillpickl RE: Patching
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Hi 2edwardwb;

Sorry, but I cannot e-mail without an address!

1) Go to Microsoft Downloads at:

2) Then download PP Viewer SP1 at:

3) Then goto Microsoft Updates or Office Updates and check for updates (I had three).

4) In PSI look at the listing for PP Viewer 2003 (not 2007) in the Insecure tab. Click on the little folder on the right under the word direct. Be sure to make a Restore Point, then check the version number of the .exe in that folder. It should be the same as PSI reports as insecure for PP Viewer 2003. If it is delete the entire folder. I know it says Power Point, but there should be a new folder under the folder "Microsoft Office" that reads "Office 12" or something similar. If you check, that .exe should start PP Viewer 2007.

That should do it, worked for me anyhow. Microsoft dosn't want you to know there's an update for PP Viewer 2003 so they won't tell you about it. You have to go to yourself and look for it. On the other hand, it's kind of nice to look around while your there because they have other free software that may come in handy.

+++++ Appolgize for all the edits +++++
OK, I've finished the updates mentioned in step 3 and I now have a secure PP Viewer 2007 on the Acer.



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