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crackers Scan showed a program as removed
Member 25th Sep, 2009 18:36
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When I first opened PSI this morning & it started doing it's thing, it showed my McAfee SiteAdvisor as a "removed program". I didn't remove it but yet it is grayed on my screen, how can that be?
In the meantime, I've checked Add/Remove, did scans with other programs, and searched my machine & in some places it shows as installed, someplaces not.???
I most generally use Revo to uninstall something so that it gets everything but I "did not" uninstall SiteAdvsor.

Got any suggestions?

Thank you.

Anthony Wells RE: Scan showed a program as removed
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PSI has a tendency to do this from time to time for no apparent reason (that I know of).

It has still to return my security suite it lost last week & today it has lost one of my Firefox add-ons/extensions. They are bot normally loaded & running .

1)If it is not back in a couple of days , take it up with if it essential for you.

2)If the programme itself has been modified (greyed out) , perhaps the file PSI checks has been modifiedor is "uninstalled" ; this could be caused by an automatic update or you could have picked up some malware . I would check with McAfee & run as much security as I could get my hands on , ASAP.

Let us know how you go on.



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