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lthames Recommended Antivirus
Member 2nd Oct, 2009 15:47
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Sorry for such a 'newbie' question, but I searched the forum for recommended antivirus and didn't find anything.

Is there a widely recommended antivirus for use with PSI or a list somewhere?

I am using AVG anti-virus 8.5.420 and have it set to automatic updates daily and a full scan every night.

Between the AVG and the PSI am I doing all I can to keep my system safe or am i missing some other needed protection?

Thanks for your advice!


This user no longer exists RE: Recommended Antivirus
Member 2nd Oct, 2009 17:06
I like avast! but the use of an anti virus application is up to personal preference but doing a full scan every night is a bit much as the anti virus active scanning will catch an infection as soon as it attemts to run.

I believe in Layered Protection in that I have applications that help each other.

No anti virus application is 100% effective.

I use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) to detect and protect what avast! misses which isn't much.

Get Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) then update it then run a Quick scan and let it remove all it finds:

I like avast!'s forum as the people there are very helpful and the same goes for MBAM forum.

I also use WinPatrol as a Security Monitor as it watches over the system where the other applications do not:
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Anthony Wells RE: Recommended Antivirus
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Secunia do not appear to recommend any particular software , but PSI is an essential part of your security system .

The best product is the one you know/understand how to use & gives you confidence . Some get higher marks than others , but they also need to fit/agree with your system .

If you have your own "personal techie" that is your best learning point of reference.

I have learned this way and I have always trusted Ian "Gizmo" Richards advice ; if you have time you may find this article of interest :-

I believe that his website gives unbiased advice - Freeware only (but sometimes they do have a paid option , not assessed) .


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michaelsalis RE: Recommended Antivirus
Member 7th Oct, 2009 23:36
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As already mentioned which antivirus program you use is down to personal choice, obviously some are better than other, however, using one of the well recognised ones is a start. I have always been happy with Norton products, each product has it's lovers and haters.

You must get a good spyware program again down to personal choice, i use Webroot Spy Sweeper. Some will say not to use real time antivirus and spyware programs. Apart from a few problems when the programs were updated last year I have had no problem. I also have been told by Symantec (Norton) and Webroot there is no problem running both other than the possibility of some drop of in performance of the computer which frankly doesn't bother me.

I also use Win Patrol which strictly isn't antivirus nor spyware but as said above watches over your computer to help stop bad things you don't know about happening. There are free and paid versions of this, it costs so little and a one off payment it is worth having the paid for version.

I have recently found a program from PCTools which works in a different way to normal antivirus and spyware programs and can be safely used in conjuction with them. It is called Threatfire and worth having. You can obtain it from

One of the best ways of stopping problems is by having the latest versions of the programs you have installed. You may like to try a little program which advises you when new versions become available from Filehippo called Update Checker available from

Sorry this is so long, hope it helps.



I meant to mention it is always good to clear out all the rubbish you pick up from surfing the net which also will help to keep your computer free from particularly spyware. Try a free program called CCleaner formerly know more appropriately perhaps as CrapCleaner, you can downlaod this from

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