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narrsecunia False Positive on Windows Project 2000
Member 14th Oct, 2009 20:40
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Hello. I've reported this before, and see it once again trying out your Beta commercial version.

I was very happy Secunia picked off the non-updated installation of Windows Project 2000 which I had made on a new machine.

I then downloaded and installed every Microsoft update, including the key one highlighted by Secunia CSI3.0.

Secunia however still says that Windows Project 2000 is an unpatched high risk.

In fact, Secunia reports the wrong version number for Windows Project 2000, hence Secunia's error. I have attached PDFs showing the Secunia report, and the true version reported by Windows Vista SP2.

I also checked each and every one of the crucial DLL and executable signatures published by Microsoft for the critical fix. As would be expected after running Microsoft updaters, every DLL and executable has the correct signature actually.

I tried one extra thing, just because you didn't seem able or interested to resolve this before. I noticed that one of the crucial DLLs is in System32, rather than the program directory. I copied an extra instance of the DLL over to the program directory for Windows Project, thinking you might be checking only there. However, this did not improve the error in the Secunia scan, the same one that shows up regularly on PSI, and now again on CSI.

I hope you will take the trouble to find out why you report the wrong version of Windows Project 2000, and hence make a serious error in your Secunia danger reports.

Well, I can't seem to attach the screen shots etc. to this forum. I will mail them to you.

Thank you.


This user no longer exists RE: False Positive on Windows Project 2000
Secunia Official 15th Oct, 2009 11:25

We have made some minor changes to our detection and version rules for Microsoft Project 2000

Could you try to rescan with the PSI and see if it solved the issue?

Kind regards,

Morten Hansen
Secunia PSI Support

Secunia PSI
narrsecunia RE: False Positive on Windows Project 2000
Member 15th Oct, 2009 20:48
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Hi Morten,

Thank you very much.

I re-scanned with both PSI current version and CSI beta, and both are now correctly reporting MS Project 2000 as fully patched.

Case closed, and again, thank you for the careful work.

I must say that I also received an email suggesting that I make a rule to ignore the fault, just like the last time -- no comment should be needed.

Best fortune to Secunia. It is really a valuable service.

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