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krispy Main screen data...
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I am an 'older' folk, so I use larger fonts/resolution to see, but one section of your screen, (world map), is partially hidden, due to no scroll bar. (I can provide a screenshot, if requested.) Suggest it be added.

Anthony Wells RE: Main screen data...
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Hello krispy ,

The problem is "resolution" rather than "font" related as I - a comlpete non-techie - understand things ; so you may have to be very patient if you want Secunia to add a scroll bar .

The following thread relates to "resolution" and if you scroll through you will find Vol_Addict aka Jerry recommends two Firefox add-ons for old eyes and their problems ; they don't help with PSI but I have added them to Ff and for web browsing they are brilliant .

Hope this is of interest.

Take care


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