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wmccown Foxit Reader Threat
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No matter how many times I update from the "at risk" version to the latest "safe" version, Secunia PCI doesn't recognize the "safe version".

The at risk version was 3.0.2009.1817 and the patch (secured via Secunia PSI) is I have gone through this every day for the last three days but Secunia PSI is oblivious to the update.

Foxit Reader itself says I have the update and Belarc Adviser says I have the update. That is two to one that agree that Secunia PSI is wrong!

I am using Vista Home Premium Edition, IE8 browser and take warnings seriously. This is not the first or only program update that Secunia PSI has been slow to recognize. I never see the program file path. I do not have Firefox at all. As previously stated, I have rescanned my PC several times to get Secunia PSI to recognize each iteration.

Maurice Joyce RE: Foxit Reader Threat
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Secunia is 100% correct. It is a vulnerability checker NOT a general updater.

Version 3.0.1506 had the vulnerability.
Version 3.0.1817 fixed it.

All the releases since have been cosmetic or bug fixes.

Details are here:

Change log details for Foxit are here:

20:35 20/11/2009

@MOGS has hit on a good point below. I would strongly advise U also switch from OSI, which only monitors a few programmes, to PSI Advanced Mode where U will get the full benefits of vulnerability checking.


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mogs RE: Foxit Reader Threat
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Firstly; are you using Secunia in Advanced mode ? You would gain more information if you were to do so.
I have Foxit first, and the latest version; so I havn't as yet, had any experience of updating this particular prog. I suspect, however, that what Secunia may still be detecting is the old file/prog, in your case.
If you click on the + sign alongside the insecure entry, it will expand to reveal further info: tech. details so on and so forth. By clicking on Tech. details you will find confirmation of the file path,which you can follow, to delete if need be.
Best follow Maurice's advice!!!!

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