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onsen Is it possible to have a pc without any vulnerabilities?
Member 10th Dec, 2009 03:26
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Hi all,This is my first time to post a question.
Is it possible to pc without level 4 threats,
all my windows application and some 3rd party all are at level 4 threat even after updating,patching.
love to know if others are the same.

This user no longer exists RE: Is it possible to have a pc without any vulnerabilities?
Secunia Official 10th Dec, 2009 08:14

In most cases it should be possible to patch all of your programs.
Some programs can be tricky to patch however, since the uninstaller fails to remove the old program when updating to a new version.

Some of your programs can also be detected in a backup folder.

Please try to post the name and path of the program the PSI detects as insecure and we will try to help you achieve a 100% score.

Program name 1:
c:/Program Files/Vendor Name/Program Folder/Filename.exe

michaelsalis RE: Is it possible to have a pc without any vulnerabilities?
Member 10th Dec, 2009 10:58
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Hi onsen

As I understand it psi informs you of the software on your computer which does/does not have the latest security patches installed. Where it shows you have the latest patches it is the best you can do to keep your computer secure and without known vulnerabilites. It is possible the programs may still have vulnerabilities but you have done everything you can to avoid them.

Where you do not have the latest patches it gives you advice on where and how to obtain them and the forum is here to help where you are having difficulties.

You will need to be using the Advanced interface of psi to see what I describe.

The programs you say which still show as vulnerable - are they shown in the programs listed under the tab "patched"? If so psi is showing you the programs which have the latest patches and advising you what the risk would have been BEFORE obtaining and installing the latest patch for that particular program.

For example Foxit Reader 3.x version detected is shown as fully patched and "repaired" a Category 4 threat. However, if this program was in the "Insecure" tab it would have shown the previous version which WOULD BE a Category 4 threat and psi would advise you where you could obtain the patch.

I trust my explanation is 100% correct, it is my understanding of how psi works and perhaps not technically how it should be explained and that it has help you in some way. If not please reply when I will be pleased to assist if able or one of the other regular posters I am sure will be more than happy to help.


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