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tony6336 windows vista home premium 64 bit sp2
Member 11th Dec, 2009 00:11
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some times the sys. operates between 64 and 32 bits. why doesnt it just stick with one? my sys. also has a lot of duplicate files/folders/programs that i dont believe are needed. dont know how to proerly remove them with experience. plus i think there is a lot of stuff in my sys. i dont need in it or need. just dont know what. too many people had been using this computer. but now its just me.when its shut down and brought back up all these windows pop up like crazy. i have to go through and manually close them all out. some times it locks up for no reason. and other times just slow at coming around. its a dell inspiron 1545 with intel core 2 duo processor, 4gb of mem,320gb hard drive and not that old.

thedillpickl RE: windows vista home premium 64 bit sp2
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Hi tony6336;

The problems you have are beyond the scope of this forum. Most all who respond here are happy to help, even with problems not necessarily related to/with the PSI security software. Your problem sounds more like gross maintenance neglect.

If you are unable to sort it out alone, you may need to seek professional help (for the computer, that is).

best of luck;


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P.S. If anyone can help you, Maurice can & will!

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Maurice Joyce RE: windows vista home premium 64 bit sp2
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This may happen. Many vendors are being very idle in not supporting 64bit which is a great shame on them. Looks like U have some 32bit programmes installed hence the switching.

What gives U the idea that U have duplicate programmes installed?

1. Are they registered in Control Panel>add/remove twice?
2. Are they showing in PSI under the Patched/Insecure or End Of Life section?

In either case have U checked the paths? Many programmes in PSI are shown more than once. They are not duplicates but various exe or dll files installed that reflect what Secunia are scanning.

If U remain unsure just paste the programme paths to this thread.


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