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inzanity PSI mshtml.dll error
Member 13th Dec, 2009 03:08
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Hello, am new here.

Can someone help with this? Everytime I open PSI I get an error message.
It says that:
Secunia PSI has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Error Details:
AppName: psi.exe AppVer: ModName: mshtml.dll
ModVer: 8.0.6001.18854 Offset: 00209f9c

Thank you.

thedillpickl RE: PSI mshtml.dll error
Contributor 14th Dec, 2009 03:53
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Hi inzanity;

Did you just install PSI or was the program working previously?

You might try uninstalling, then reinstalling PSI to see if that will fix it.

If not, perhaps a Secunia offical (they monitor this forum) or someone who has encountered this problem will respond. Also you can click on "contact" at the bottom of this page to view links to various Secunia e-mail addresses. Click on the "Support" address and give them the info you posted here, someone should get back to you.


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wr RE: PSI mshtml.dll error
Contributor 14th Dec, 2009 19:06
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Hi inzanity,

I think this may have to do with your IE security settings-especially the Scripting options. I have included the complete list to ensure
that connectivity can be established & maintained.
So once these are correctly set no further action should be necessary.
\ 1.Secunia PSI needs to be able to connect to Secunia servers to complete its scanning. However, if you have not configured
the security settings of Internet Explorer, the Secunia PSI may be prevented from getting the scan results. To receive
your scan results, you need to do some changes to your Internet options.
To do this:
a. Open Internet Explorer.
b. Go to Tools>Internet Options>Security tab.
c. Select the Internet zone and click on the Custom Level button.
d. In Security Settings, go to the Scripting>Active Scripting option.
e. Make sure that Active Scripting is Enabled (rather than Disabled or Prompted).
f. Press OK then Yes.
g. Back in the Security tab, select the Trusted sites zone and click on the Sites button.
h. Look at the bottom of the page and take the tick from the box marked"Require server verification(HTTPS)for all site zones" then type in the following and press the Add button to add them to the Trusted Zone Sites list:
i. Press Close
j. Run the Secunia PSI again to view the scan results
If using a browser other than IE open Control Panel>Internet Options then follow C. thru J.

Please post back & let us know how you get on as this may help
someone else.

Regards, wr

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inzanity RE: PSI mshtml.dll error
Member 19th Dec, 2009 03:27
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Hi, sorry for not replying soon.

Yes, PSI was working perfectly prior to the problem. I did uninstall it then reinstall to see if the problem goes away but still no go. Further testing on some other applications have made the same error. The same, in which it regards to mshtml.dll as the faulting module. So I assumed that it was not PSI's.

This problem occurred when I updated my machine on the Dec. 12. With some more testing, I tried to uninstall IE 8 for the time being and PSI is now working fine. Although this hasn't happened before with my IE 8 and PSI, something must've gone awry when the update was made.

Anyway, thank you for your help. :)
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Anthony Wells RE: PSI mshtml.dll error
Expert Contributor 19th Dec, 2009 11:46
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FWIW : If you "Google" "ModName: mshtml.dll" there are over 6,000 references to this error (even dating back to 2005 and IE6 !!).

Maybe you can find something there .


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