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This user no longer exists Internet-Network Problems with Sygate Personal Firewall 5.6
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I had installed Sygate 5.6 Personal Firewall on Win XP with 2Gigs RAM.
After installing Sygate, I have been having a serious, annoying problem in connecting to the Internet through my wireless network. I never had this problem before and it promptly disappeared after I uninstalled it. ( Please note that I DID set the Firewall for NORMAL and not BLOCK!)
The conclusions may seem obvious. Your software may be conflicting with some other software, God knows which one. I liked it , though, because of its interface and also because it worked well in between problems.
I'll give some more detail on the problem, in the hope that you may point to the proper configuration settings or give me some hints.

I am on a wireless network, with a Linksys adapter feeding on a D-Link router installed on my wife's computer a few feet away. The major problem I have been having is that most of the time, after rebooting, I am unable to connect to the network and to the Internet ( Firefox Mozilla)or I could connect only after several , laborious attempts of resetting the adapter connection, by re-entering the passphrase and the WEP Key.
ll in all it takes an exceedingly long time, at best, not only to connect to the Internet, but also to have my Desktop completely operational after rebooting..
In fact, with Sygate on, I noticed a considerable slow-down in the loading of the programs, after re-booting. The desktop seems frozen for long moments . Often I have to reboot, only to have the same problem cropping up again.
It may be interesting to note that this is not the first time I have problems with Norton Symantec products. I seem to remeber a few years back that I had to uninstall your A.V. because I had a lot of instability in the system ( hanging, freezing), even after reformatting the drive and reinstalling the application anew. Again, all these problems had disappeared after uninstalling your product.
Compared to other competitors' applications, yours seem to be extremely intrusive in terms of size : often as much as 300-400 MB of stuff!

Anyway, I'd appreciate to have your comments on this Sygate problem.

Thank you


Anthony Wells RE: Internet-Network Problems with Sygate Personal Firewall 5.6
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Hello Franco ,

You seem to be asking about a Sygate and/or Symantec(Norton) problem or possible clash . This is the Secunia Forum for OSI and PSI ; I think you would get more help on the Symantec Forums or from their Technical Support operations :-



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