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jcpedersen Firefox 3.5.6
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A couple of days ago my Firefox browser was updated to version 3.5.6.
Now Secunia PSI claims that it is insecure, and reports it as version 3.5.5. Also after re-scanning.
The path to my firefox exe file is C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe.
When I manually check the properties of this file, it says that the version is 3.5.6 (as expected). And the about box in the browser also reports this version, surprisingly!
I'm running Windows Vista.

Anthony Wells RE: Firefox 3.5.6
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PSI can take time to update itself , but 2 days is a long time .

If you haven't already rebooted , run a "full" scan and reloaded the PSI interface , these things are worth trying .

If the folder the "insecure" 3.5.5. "installation path" points to (use the "open folder" link in the toolbox***) does not have an old 3.5.5 file in it , you might need to take it further with

PS: To further help resolve your problem , here are some instructions to help you first of all get the best out of PSI :-

1)use PSI in "advanced" mode ;
2)in the "settings" tab make sure that the box in the first/upper section is NOT ticked in order to have the maximum info available ;
3)tell us in which "tab(s)" your problem programme is located ;
4)in that tab , click on the + in the box at the left end of the programme , the page will expand ;
5)in the expanded page , tell us what is written in the "installation path" ;
6)in the "toolbox" section , lower down ***, the link "technical details" should confirm the installation path details ;
7)click on the link "open folder" and you will see more details concerning the location of the "problem" .

Posting these details will help the Forum help you , if/when you have a problem .


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