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jbridson Novell iPrint Client
Member 18th Dec, 2009 09:01
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PSI correctly reported that the version of the Novell iPrint Client I had installed (v5.20) had been superseded by v5.32, incorporating updates and a security fix.

However, when I installed v5.32, PSI still maintained that it was insecure, despite the module reported as having the fault
being correctly updated - it now shows as being v5.32. The PC has been fully rescanned after the update and has also been restarted and then rescanned again. The iPrint Client still shows as being insecure.

It seems that the PSI detection rules may not be quite correct for the iPrint client.

This user no longer exists RE: Novell iPrint Client
Secunia Official 18th Dec, 2009 09:18

We did some changes to the version rule for Novell iPrint Client 5.x, did it fix the issue?

If not, could i ask you to make a software suggestion on the file that the PSI reports as insecure?
jbridson RE: Novell iPrint Client
Member 21st Dec, 2009 10:08
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Yes, thanks - v5.32 of the iPrint Client is no longer listed as "insecure".
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