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taffy078 MSWORD under threat???
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taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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thedillpickl RE: MSWORD under threat???
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Hi taffy;

On down in the article you provided the link to, it says, "Indeed, Microsoft will likely do everything in its power to overturn Tuesdays ruling. And indeed, Microsoft will likely prevail.". MS has too many $$$ invested to lay down on this one. They are not going to let some little guy that hold the patent on XML code beat them, no sir! They will either buy them out or run them into the ground!

Just in case, let's see here. Ahh, a copy of Wordperfect 5. Wonder if it will run on XP? If not I can dig out one of my old computers, it should have Win98 still.

Happy New Year!


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Franadora1 RE: MSWORD under threat???
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The link you gave is 6 months old. More recent news ( ) indicates that Microsoft will remove one small (non-critical for most users) functionality. For versions sold after January 11. MSWord will continue. Nothing to stop you using what you already have.

I, for one though, use Open Office when I can.
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