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palooka Fix a threat
Member 7th Jan, 2010 01:29
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I'm a newbie with this program, I'll try to make sense.
Re: secunia PSI Using the solution button I was sucessful in correcting one problem. When I clicked on the button I got a box pop up with "Run" That one worked out fine, however when I tried to do the next one SunJava JRE1.6x/6.x instead of a Run box, I was directed to a box with "Save or Cancel" choice.If I click Save I get a box "File Downloads"
After it downloads, if I click on the box, I get a message that the program is already installed. Would I like to reinstall it. How can I get to the "Run" tab to correct this program.
Any input will be appreciated.

mogs RE: Fix a threat
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Hello. Welcome.
Try reading yesterday's previous post "Updated or Not". Comprehensive replies there for getting your Java up to date.

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