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Updated patch and it still shows as a threat??

Maurice Joyce RE: Macromedia Flash Player 8.x
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Adobe have not fully mastered(unlike many other vendors) the art of stopping elements of a programme (Flash in this instance) from working prior to an install of a new version. The result is that an "in use" flash ocx file will not be uninstalled. Nor, have they widely publicised the fact that they do not support removal of older versions by using Control Panel>Add/Remove or other 3rd party uninstallers.

Advanced users just need to install the new version(s),then find the old OCX file & zap it.

Others may wish to take a longer route to successfully remove a vulnerability from Adobe Flash you should:

1. Download & use the Flash Uninstaller from here:

#####Before actually running the uninstaller it is a good idea to close all browsers,PSI and any other programme U think may be using Flash #####

2. Reboot to clear out any left over ocx files.

3. Rescan using PSI - if there are any insecure Flash elements left what is the path to them? U should not proceed to stage 4 until all U clear any problems found.(The PSI overview page may look a little odd because it uses Flash for the pictorials)

Note: At this stage,if PSI finds any elements of Flash in the C:\i386 folder or on any drive other than C that is an OEM reinstallation partition (normally D drive) or a drive U use solely to backup your work U can safely create an ignore rule. It may also be in the Recycle Bin.

4. Reinstall the latest Internet Explorer Flash Player from here: (I strongly advise U not to select the Beta version unless an advanced user). The latest stable & secure version is:

4A.If U are also using Firefox, Opera and other Gecko-based browsers U need this link as well: (Again, I strongly advise U select the stable & secure version:
Adobe also have a very bad habit of changing your Flash settings each time they plug vulnerabilities. To change the security settings to your liking & regain control of your PC click here:

Bloat ware.
If you used the Adobe site, rather than FileHippo to update you will also find they try or have installed an unnecessary Download Manager.

It is bloat ware by a third party Company called NOS. If found I would uninstall it via Add/Remove.

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