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Hannagj Secunia OSI hangs
Member 14th Jan, 2010 19:24
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I've received today an Email from Secunia for new rules on OSI.
Running the OSI, it hangs like forever on a file C:\HP\BIN\hpqnt.dll
I don't know what the file is & why OSI is hanging on.

Any advice will be welcome. Thanks


HP Pavilion DV6
Win7 64bit-IE8
BitDefrender 2010 + Malwarebytes

allan52 RE: Secunia OSI hangs
Member 14th Feb, 2010 00:23
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It's not "that" file hanging, it's most of them. I've got an email into Secunia about this. I had the "default" quick scan running for 34 minutes & said the hell with it. It
appears to be checking "all files" instead of the ones it's supposed to check. I've got it checking photo albums of all things on Picassa. Unless they repair this I feel all they have done is to ruin a perfectly, fast program.
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This user no longer exists RE: Secunia OSI hangs
Member 16th Feb, 2010 10:32
Last edited on 16th Feb, 2010 10:33 Hi,

Please verify you are running the latest version of sun Java. You can check this by visiting

Are you able to use Windows Update successfully? And are you running a supported operating system and browser, according too ?

Hope this helps.
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