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rapyke Windows 7 - 64 bit and iphone
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My windows 7 - 64 bit program does not recognize my iPhone or gives me an error message. It does recognize the phone sometimes, but not always. Does someone know when this will be fixed or have sure-fire solution. I've tried a few of the methods suggested on other forums, but none have worked to date.

thedillpickl RE: Windows 7 - 64 bit and iphone
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Hi rapyke;

Bit of an odd question in a forum used for making your computer secure by keeping programs patched & updated. However, folks around here are mighty helpful and are happy to share info.

If Win 7 is new, I would check to start with. If the iPhone is new, I would check with the store where it was purchased to see if they offer "free setup".

Sorry I can't be of more help, hopefully some of those helpful people I mentioned will pick up on this thread.


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