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Winsyrstrife CSI constantly scanning same clients every few minutes
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I'm having a problem with my network agent scanning the same scan groups over and over again, at 3-5 minute intervals. The network agent never moves on to the other scan groups I have set. So far I've installed the network agent on 3 different PCs, and I've installed the CSI (3.0) software on my main PC in a dual-boot installation, Windows 7 RC and Windows XP SP3. I have the same problem in either OS. The only way to stop the repetitive scanning is to stop the Secunia Agent service on the Agent PC. Is CSI programmed to re-scan a scan group if 1 or more PCs in that scan group are not scanned for whatever reason? I am also finding that I have to reload the CSI interface regularly, due to oddities like features from different tabs showing up in the wrong tabs, unresponsive clicks, etc.

This is really compounded by the fact that the button "scan selected hosts" has been removed. I was told it was not an often used feature and was thus removed. How do you all scan PCs that may have been off at the time of a scheduled scan, or for some other reason, unreachable? Do you manually scan, let's say, 15 PCs, manually inputting the host names? Clicking out-of-date hosts then the "scan selected" button seemed quite handy, but now the only efficient method I can see is group scanning, which is not working at all for me.

Maurice Joyce RE: CSI constantly scanning same clients every few minutes
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CSI 3 beta testing was closed last year. This is the latest offer

Perhaps best if U contact Secunia direct at:


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