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sforssell x cleaner
Member 24th Jan, 2010 17:49
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My scan always finds Xcleaner. I cannot find where to get ride of it and I di=ont know what it is.

HELP !!!!!!!

mogs RE: x cleaner
Member 24th Jan, 2010 20:32
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Having Googled "xcleaner": there seems to be different progs with similar or same titles....but most seem concerned with spyware removal etc..
You should be able to provide more information, in order that someone be of more assistance.
If you switch to the Advanced Secunia interface you will find access to further material. Click on the +sign alongside any prog.,or the one showing as insecure or end of life.....the entry will then expand to reveal the file path, which can be confirmed by clicking on Tech details. If you find you are not able to resolve the issue yourself, you can then post back to the forum with the findings.

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thedillpickl RE: x cleaner
Contributor 25th Jan, 2010 06:24
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Hi sforssell;

Mogs is correct about Xcleaner. If you don't use it use the Add/Remove in Control Panel. Let us know if any further help is needed on this subject.



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