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z25blink Linux distros update
Member 26th Jan, 2010 02:03
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Some Linux distros are perfectly updated on Secunia
(Ubuntu Linux 9.10, Fedora 12, openSUSE 11.2, Debian GNU/Linux 5.0)

Hovewer, other biggest and most used distribution are not.

Mandriva Linux 2010.x

version FreeBSD 8.0 stable

version Slackware Linux 13.0 stable

version Gentoo Linux 10.1 stable

CentOS 5.4

Slax 6.1.2

PCLinuxOS 2009.2

Linux Mint 8.x

Sabayon Linux 5.1


MEPIS Linux 8.0.15

Puppy Linux 4.3

Arch Linux

Thanks Secunia!!!!

Sorry!!!!!!!!! for extremely huge lists of requsts on update,
but I am using Secunia PSI just two years, and since that time,
no-one added these apps up-to-date

This 3 threads are all what I miss on Secunia. All other apps are here.

Thanks very much for your extremely hard-work.

Love You and Spread the word "Secunia" within people around

thedillpickl RE: Linux distros update
Contributor 26th Jan, 2010 06:28
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Hi z25blink;

Please note that Secunia does monitor this forum. However, PSI provides a more efficient way to notify Secunia of programs you wish them to consider.

Open PSI, on any of four tabs (Insecure, End-of-Life, Patched, Secure Browsing), at the bottom left of the end of the list, Secunia prompts with "Help us improve our service to you:". If you click on "Program missing? Suggest it here!" (in blue) you may enter the program information you desire.

This is a more direct path to those you want to reach.



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Chrome, Firefox, IE8
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z25blink RE: Linux distros update
Member 26th Jan, 2010 11:07
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- Please note that Secunia does monitor this forum. - that is very bad

- That way you described, I surely know, but this is very long way, hunderds of mouse clicking and no response, no sureness they update it.
I tried it in many programs. Some were added, but most of them not. This is Long WAY, absolutely no direct. I have to add more information (Why? They could learn yourself about that program). And, worst of all, only programs which is installed (file has to be on computer), I can add there. So logically, I cant have 20 linux distributions on my PC, and many other programs, which I miss on Secunia. Absolutely no Easy to notice them, and no Batch notice. This is completely bad way.
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