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Brian Bailey Insecure Programs
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As noted in the copy of the PSI report below - the program detects v11.x and recommends that I update with the latest version which has the same verson number. It would appear that I have already installed the layest versin?

Insecure Programs [?] Version Detected [?] Threat Rating [?] Direct [?]

Adobe Shockwave Player 11.x (NPAPI)
Adobe Shockwave Player 11.x
This installation of Adobe Shockwave Player 11.x is insecure and potentially exposes your system to security threats!

Secunia strongly recommends that you update this program by installing the update that is provided by the vendor of this program.
Installation Path
C:\WINDOWS\system32\Adobe\Director\np32dsw.dll Extra Information / Known Issues with Adobe Shockwave Player 11.x
Uninstall versions prior to, restart the system, and install version It!
1) Click the "Download Solution" button below.
2) Select, accept, and run the proposed update.
3) Follow the guidelines as provided by the vendor, after pressing run.

Congratulations! If everything went as planned this program should now be patched and removed from this page within minutes.

Alternatively, if you are not using this program, you might consider uninstalling it from your computer.

Anthony Wells RE: Insecure Programs
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Hello Brian ,

Your problem was discussed in this thread , seems to be a blip by PSI , you need to update to :-

(Sorry link needed repairing - OK now)

Take care


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