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AngyC Secunia stops working
Member 31st Jan, 2010 08:39
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"Secunia has stopped working" is the message I get when my computer starts up. It does not happen all the time but often enough. Any suggestions?

mogs RE: Secunia stops working
Member 31st Jan, 2010 10:26
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I think I'd be inclined to check my internet connection : Safe Sites in Internet Explorer....Secunia listed ? Being as it happens erratically, I suppose it's unlikely that your Firewall needs checking. Perhaps there's opposition between one of your security services and another occasionally?
CHKDSK run fairly often to check for consistancy ? Memory Diagnostic Tool used in Vista.

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thedillpickl RE: Secunia stops working
Contributor 31st Jan, 2010 19:29
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Hi all;

In "Intenet Options", under "Security" tab, "Trusted Sites", click on "Sites". Make sure to uncheck "Require server verification (https://)..." and enter http://* & https://* .



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